Heating: heating pump system, warm water or steam

Maximum performances at minimal operating costs 

Process: Simple or Multiple effect

Technology for small and large production

Operating pressure:

Low temperature evaporation for reduced energy costs and low corrosion phenomena

Programming: PLC or Microprocessor

365 annual operating days without supervision needed thanks to the Formeco software


Vacuum evaporation can be successfully used to treat a great variety of wastewaters coming from different industrial processes.
Some application fields include:

  • Paint industry
  • Graphic arts and photographic labs
  • Pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry
  • Electroplating industry
  • Dairy industry
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Die casting
  • Leachate from dump site

Our wide range of evaporators, which can be personalized according to the specific customer’s needs, guarantees a solution for every application.

Distillation, as a matter of fact, effectively solves the problem of the disposal of industrial wastewater. This is done by concentrating the contaminated products, such as dyes and heavy metals, as much as possible and this way permitting the recovery of the distilled product which can be reused in the production process.

The restrictive rules against contamination and the growing environmental conscience bring the necessity of addressing the new topics on the use of natural resources and their disposal in a new way.

The recycling of raw materials and the reduction to almost zero of waste are the latest conquest of industrial investigation for environmental protection.

If a standard model does not satisfy your specific needs, we can offer a custom-made model, equipped with additional units, such as the ion exchange, for example. Our technical knowledge and our experience allow us to give a positive answer to your most testing issues.

We invite you to contact us to evaluate the most suitable solution for your specific needs.



HP-S series with immersed heating coils

The HP-S series use a heat pump system and is designed to treat wastewater that does not contain products that could encrust on the boiler surface. They are ideal for treating oilwater emulsions with concentrations less than 20%, waste streams from die casting and industrial degreasing processes. The units are fully automatic and are controlled by a programmable microprocessor allowing the user to easily change operating parameters to suit a particular waste stream.


HP-R series with internal boiler scraper

The HP-R series uses a heat pump system and has external heating coils and features an internal boiler scraper to avoid the build-up of encrusting solids on the boiler surface. The HP-R series is extremely versatile and is suitable for a wide range of waste liquids particularly those that create encrustations such as paint, ink emulsions and ion exchange residues. The units are fully automatic and are controlled by a programmable microprocessor allowing the user to easily change operating parameters to suit a particular waste stream.


HP-Cf series with forced circulation pump

The HP-Cf series is designed for high throughputs and is ideal for waste streams with a density less than 1.25 kg/l and suspended solids content less than 20%. The units with heat pump system. The treated product is in constant circulation in a high efficiency expansion chamber. These units have a reduced sensitivity to foam formation. These units can be equipped with two or three boilers (effects) operating in series. A different vacuum rate in each individual boiler allows for different evaporation temperatures. When higher concentrations have to be achieved, these units can be combined with the units from the HP-R series.


FORMECO, born in 1971, manufactures in the production facility located in Northern Italy, 4,200 m2 indoor on an area of 10,000 m2.

Installing more than 40,000 machines, Formeco holds a world-wide leadership position in the production of recycling machines for wastewater and solvents.

FORMECO means:
• an advanced technical design centre
• an equipped laboratory for a preliminary assessment of the product to be treated to give the most suitable appliance
• a complete set of industrial pilot test units

FORMECO products FORMECO, characterized by high quality standards, are certified by Authorized International Institutes.
FORMECO plug & play devices are subjected to strict functional tests prior to shipment.
Equipped with detailed manuals, they enable immediate installation and commissioning.









our technical and commercial staff can communicate in different languages, including: Italian, English, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Dutch, French, Russian, Ukrainian, Romanian.


when necessary, thanks to a pilot plants equipped lab, it is possible to make some distillation tests on a sample of wastewater brought in by the client. Together with the tested samples a technical report will be delivered for an evaluation based on effective data.


our staff will be able to propose the most effective evaporator for the treatment of your wastewater. For a drastic reduction of disposal costs with a guaranteed return on investment, a vacuum evaporator is the winning choice.